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Our Team are hard-working for the support of the users and they are trying to make the website user-friendly. They are trying to add more features and make the website more attractive. Our Developer is also somewhere innovative and, we promise, that our users and/or customers will like this.

about us

We are the Team of Sabyasachi Ganguli. Our Developer is a student of South Point High School, studying in Class XI. He has a passion of Web Designing. His mere knowledge in the field of Web Development has helped him to create this website.



I am Sabyasachi Ganguli. I have a passion for web design and love to engender for web and mobile contrivances.
Hello friends... I am Sabyasachi Ganguli, a student of South Point High School, living in Kolkata. There are many of my works in this website, like my drawings, crafts, etc. You can get free access to them from the navigation bar. I am inspired by my father to make this website. Few months ago I learnt HTML Coding in my school, though I kenned it from much afore. The result is this website. Have frolic..