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Pepsico India

Oct 13

First tour of Durga Puja 2018

This was the day; I was waiting for – a long drive. Our destination was PepsiCo Factory. At around 10 o’ clock, in the morning, Dad, his friend and I departed towards our destination. The peregrination was boring until the NH-6 arrived. After the toll tax, the car commenced to expedite. Simultaneously, the rain withal arrived. Wow, it was a quite soothing journey.

Then we entered the factory. My Dad’s friend made the visiting card. Then we went on our mission of visually perceiving any aliment factory for the first time. First, we sat at the Manager’s room and waited for the safety boots, caps, and gloves to arrive. After they arrived, we wore them and went to the main factory. There were all the chips made. I visually perceived the KurkureCheetosLay'sQuaker Oats and conclusively the Uncle Chipps line. We were explicated the process of making of the products. I was surprised that the ₹5/- chips that we culminate in 2 minutes, genuinely takes 10 hours to prepare.

After optically discerning the site for 1 hour, we sat for the lunch. While returning, the friend of my Dad told that, that particular factory was one of the most sizably voluminous factories in Asia, and it was the most astronomically immense in India. It exported its engender to three countries – Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal.

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