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Tenebrosity below the lamp

Sep 28

Tenebrosity below the lamp

The day was very nice. It rained scarcely. so, we decided to go to pandal hoping. That day my parents and I went to Salt Lake FE Block Durga Puja Park. There was so much jubilance inside the park. There was DJ inside the park. After staying a few hours in the park, my father and I went out to give our auditory perceivers a reposal. We descried this girl selling balloons, only for the sake of hunger, making an immensely colossal sacrifice to not relish the Durga Puja. So we decided to present her picture infront of you. We felt profoundly apologetic for this girl. But we can't do anything. She was just sitting alone, some customers came and gave ₹ 10/- and bought a balloon for their kids. She was neither peeping into the park or heedfully auricularly discerning the music beats. There are some people in the world who can sacrifice many things. She is one perfect example.

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